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MetaMask | Portfolio - (en - US)

MetaMask is a popular ERC-20 token wallet that is much popular due to its ease of use, and availability on both desktops and mobile devices and it comes with the ability to buy, send, and receive cryptocurrencies. MetaMask allows its users to trade tokens within the wallet and gather non-fungible tokens across the blockchain networks. The fast and secure transactions of MetaMask make it a unique and most preferred crypto wallet for Ethereum-based crypto wallets. Those who are new at MetaMask can get started by setting up a new account on its app or website.

The process of setup a MetaMask login account is easy and to set up your access on its app or extension, you are also allowed to create a new wallet account by keeping your identity anonymous. Now, let’s move forward to set up your access to the ERC-20 tokens, NFTs, and multiple blockchain networks by approaching the next sections of this post.

Can I use MetaMask on the desktop?

Yes, of course! MetaMask is available on both mobile and desktop both type of devices. You can also use a computer to access and set up the MetaMask Wallet with the help of its extension. If you are not sure, follow these quick steps to set up MetaMask extension on your PC:

1. Open the preferred and updated browser on your Windows or Mac

2. Now, you need to head to the page

3. From the upper-right corner, you need to click on the ‘Download’ button

4. After that, you are asked to choose the browser on which you want to set up extension

5. After choosing the browser, you will be taken to the browser store

6. Now, click the ‘Add to browser’ option to add the MetaMask extension to your PC

How do I set up a new MetaMask Wallet?

Once you finish the MetaMask Wallet app or extension installation process, you will be able to start the wallet setup process as well. Now, without taking any extra minute, follow the quick steps that are listed below to complete the MetaMask sign up process:

1. On your device, open the MetaMask app or extension

2. Get to the ‘Create Wallet’ option and click on it

3. Now, fill up the details in the required boxes

4. After that, find and write down the seed phrase on a blank paper

5. Confirm the seed phrase on the next page and click the ‘Confirm’ button

6. Finally, you are ready to use your MetaMask login account

Steps to access a MetaMask Wallet with a seed phrase

Users who are not able to access their MetaMask account with the password details can use the secret recovery phrase to regain the access to the wallet account with the help of these steps:

1. From the homepage of the MetaMask app or extension, find and click the ‘Import Wallet’ button

2. Now, provide the seed phrase details and then you need to choose a new password

3. Confirm the new password and then agree to the MetaMask terms of use

4. Finally, click on the ‘Recover MetaMask Wallet’ option to finish the process


To sum up, accessing and setting up a new MetaMask Wallet account is not a complex process and you can also do so easily and quickly if you have installed the wallet app or extension on your mobile or desktop. With the help of the quick processes, you can easily set up your access to the ERC-20 tokens. Now, we are sure that, you have completed the MetaMask login and setup process by referring to this post.

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